Sales Conditions

All sales are carried out under the following conditions reflected.

Any question that does not meet these conditions will have to be accepted before Novartix Trading SL

Quality and Warranty

All our products are subjected to various quality tests and are guaranteed for a period of 1 and 5 years against manufacturing defects. Check quality assurance document for Each of the products. This warranty does not cover damage sustained by abuse, mishandling or improper installation. Novartix Trading S.L. continuously improving the quality and performance of its products, reserves the right to modify or delete any of them without notice.

Shipping: All orders over 350 € value will be sent postage paid. Orders for lower postage amount can travel by Novartix Trading SL a surcharge on the cost of the bill note. This cost will be established based on the rate in effect that the carrier has established with us.


The delivery will be between 24 and 48 hours. Although deadlines are covered in a very high percentage, we must not forget that they are not always calculated based on controlled parameters Novartix Trading SL, for this reason we can not guarantee every time 100% compliance. Novartix Trading S.L. It will not support claims for damages by the delay motivated by customer delivery.
Way to Pay: Payment terms are agreed with our customers. The maturities of payments by any payment document legally accepted must be respected on time. Delays in payment bring with immediate effect, the annulment of all the agreed commitments.


Within the warranty period, repair or replacement of defective materials will be made at no charge to the customer. In all cases where it is enforceable guarantee our liability is limited to free delivery of a new product to replace damaged or full refund of the product price of the product concerned, expressly excluding any liability for damages or any other costs, fees or compensation.


All returns must be previously accepted by Novartix Trading SL

Returns or shipments of material facilities Novartix Trading SL, either by crediting or replacement must be made to prepaid.
No refunds or material manufactured as expressly brought to the client or those who shall be admitted in Novartix Trading SL You have made any specific adaptation. The merchandise is returned for reasons beyond Novartix Trading SL, you must be in perfect condition for resale and be referenced in the applicable rate.


In the case claims on the state of the goods or errors in shipments once after 2 working days (48 hours) of receipt, will not be accepted. 


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