What is Novartix Trading?

NovartixTrading S.L. set up in 2010 thanks to the previous experience of nearly 10 years in the field of international trade. Its founders created the company with the aim of improving the purchasing and logistics of its customers by offering a larger portfolio of products and services. Headquartered in Albacete and over 2,000 m2 of warehouse, Novartix Trading facilitates the storage and distribution to all its customers. The advantages we can offer are a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to import, export and logistics, carrying out orders easily, fastly and safely.

NovartixTrading S.L. is an innovative and dynamic company that puts available experience in manufacturing and marketing of all kinds of gardening items, paint products and DIY. It has two own brands through marketing its products in its two main sectors.

On the one hand, Novagarden, focused on marketing of gardening products, especially the artificial field, where the company has been specializing in these years. On the other hand, NovaRoller is the mark which market and distribute all products to the paintings’ sector. These have been selected under the principle of quality what have characterized the products marketed by NovartixTrading by S.L.

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